As you can see from the before and after pictures, 5 long
months of renovations and restoration have certainly paid

"The Mustang" was originally from Arizona and had very
little rust on it.  It had sat in a garage here in New
Hampshire for a year or so, feeling very neglected, before
Patrick found it and began the process of bringing it back
to life and its original glory.

For all you car buffs, it has a 289 in it and many original
components.  Many hours were spent on Ebay trying to
find just the right interior, emblems, steering wheel, and
so on.  It spent several weeks in body work to get the
dings out and the lines 'just right'.   It has been well
worth the time and aggravation.  

The mustang has been sold after several years of enjoying
the hell out of it.  Who knows what the next restoration
project will be!
Click HERE to see a video of the
  The 68 Mustang

(yes, the one you've all heard about)